Waiting for Death

Waiting for Death is a work emerging out of the project ‘ Celebrate our power of position’ , that is a part of Acts of Deactivism.

As an artist I find it interesting to see how power manifests itself. Especially in our relationship to animals. In our hierarchy, humankind is on top and animals are on a second place. In general human lives, human rights are given more priority. Man first, the rest second. And that is perfectly fine if we all agree if that’s just how things go. But we need to be aware of it. Waiting for Death raises awareness of that position of power by visiblity and brings it to the surface. Searching for that position of power and celebrating it. Waiting for Death draws that position of power that we have over the animals in absurdism. Providing an interesting perspective to relate to this crooked relationship.

The concept of Waiting for Death is simple. Search for a place where there is direct conflict between humankind and animals. Where humankind is in a position of power and enhancing that fact by applying absurdism.

Waiting for Death: Sitting at the side of the road in festive formalwear with two simple camping chairs waiting for a live collision with an animal. As soon as a animal is driven over this has to be celebrated with confetti poppers and direct enthusiasm. Enhanced by party flutes.

Observational research:
The N206 has emerged as our location, crowned as a ‘roadkill hotspot’. After observations it was clear that multiple kills would be garanteed. Mostly birds and small rodants.

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