”Save the Earth”

”Saving the Earth” as part of the Acts of Deactivism project

‘’Moreover 100.000 Sea animals die at the cause of plastic in their bodies, we want a world without plastic.” This was a project of Greenpeace and a true inspiration for this work. This was serious problem that I wanted to commit to.

We are living in a world where almost everyone agrees that the environment matters. But does it matter enough? We say we want to rescue our planet, but are we really ready for what that means? ”Save the Earth” shows the hypocrisy of the humankind. It’s a mirror of what is already happening, but brings it close to home. This work looks for a way to confront people, to show them the value of nature by destroying it and doing nothing to save it. To make people feel something, make them angry and let them think twice. Make us all care again.

The ‘’message in the bottle’’ means multiple things. It is most known as a way to send out a cry for help. People threw bottles with messages overboard hoping that the bottle would land somewhere for someone to read. Often the bottle had a last statement or wish for the family of the one in need. Nowadays it has aquired a more nostalgic or romantic feeling, a desire. ”Save the earth” uses both meanings. It’s a cry for help, a cry to save the earth, a last resort. But it’s also a deep desire for what we all want for our world.

By using a plastic bottle, it’s putting the message of ‘save the earth’ in an other light. The great message becomes almost overshadowed by contradiction and raises moral questions. This work is part of ‘Act of deactivism’ and shows that one small act by one person can still evoke a lot. Only one plastic bottle carefully placed in the ocean is condemned , while the whole ocean is full of all those other responsible people that nobody cares about.

I am a deactivist, also described in the Urban dictionary as: to actively fight activism through sabotage and mis-information. Deactivism is in my definition a form of activism, that doesn’t contribute in any way or form to the cause of activism. Activism consists of efforts to promote, impede, direct, or intervene in social, political, economic or environmental reform with the desire to make changes in society.

But specifically environmental activism states: the protection of nature or the natural environment. ”Save the Earth” does not protect the environment and is even harming it. But ”Save the Earth” is a form of activism. Activism that shows us our hypocritical ways and as an artist i’ll say I’m no different.

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