Paper Plane

Paper Plane is a collaboration with artist Jerrold Saija.

Paper Plane is a love letter to nostalgia. Going back to the innocence and purity of childhood and translating this into a touchable childlike manifestation of the imagination. A working 2.00 m (paper)airplane pulled from our imaginations.

Offering a temporary fantasy and way back to something closed off for many years. Paper plane offers a warm feeling fleeting to a different time.

Paper plane is a manifestation of our childlike imagination, dipped in nostalgic feelings, but it is at the same time a symbol for our volatile society. Where his paper shape can’t compete against it’s manufactured alimineum counterparts. And where his fleeting character ties into it’s form of existence. Where it disappears as soon as it had appeared. A plane that flew multiple flights until it’s catastrophically demise a few hours into it’s lifespan.

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