Life of Deformaties

Life of Deformaties is a social project working with real life people as a models. Sharing their insecurities with an artist who’s ready to share hers with them as well. In this work there was a need to create human beings in a different form. To portray human beings how they really are, but not like we ever saw them. By erasing beauty standards and uncovering human insecurities. The outside disappears and becomes simply a vessel, formless. There is no opportunity to force an identity on it, these beasts can resemble anyone.

The beast form our inner beasts, our deformaties. The things we can’t accept of ourselves. The work is about escaping denial of our deformaties. This works is a VR-installation where, the public can interact with them. Living in their space, while they hear the voices of the models speak to them deeply. Should these beasts be accepted or even be loved? Are we capable of that as human beings?

Put all beasts on play and experience a sense of what it really would be like to walk among them.

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